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Rod Developments provides a wide range of services geared toward assessing – at the most efficient way- each step in the process of implementing and conducting real estate’s projects.

This requires proficient studies, along with resourceful market analysis in order to make the relevant decisions.

Rodschinson offers 4 types of services: Ceasing a project, Investing in a project, Strategic partnerships, Conversion consulting

Divesting a Project

Real estate specialists evaluating project divesting

Each development project is unique and requires a holistic skillset to understand, evaluate and pitch to interested parties.

Rodschinson Investment’s diversified skill sets and widespread investor network has seen it grasp a variety of projects across different stages and asset types and offer compelling propositions to marquee investors.

Investing in a Project

Real estate developers evaluating a project

With more than decade of executing transactions in real estate development, we are well versed with the art of critically evaluating and understanding the true strengths and weaknesses of the asset.

The Rod Projects teams utilizes diverse skill sets and insights to deliver clients in valuable investments across assets at different stages of the project development life cycle and asset purposes.

Strategic Partnerships

Real estate specialists making a handshake to materialize their strategic partnership

Choosing the right development partners with complementary strengths Is vital for project stability and success.

We assist clients in connecting, liaising and negotiating with strategic and financial partners across the globe for acquisitions of projects and joint venture with other marquee organizations.

Valuation Services

Real estate specialists looking at the financial elements of a project to evaluate a project

With no two real estate assets alike, it takes a discerning eye to curate, evaluate and negotiate investment in real assets.

The Rod project team has represented marquee investors in critical assessment of asset specifics and value potential ensuring our clients get the most for their buck!

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